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Originally Posted by vindizzle9 View Post
Yes, I'm completely stock. Anthony D. was my SA. He was very diligent with keeping informed with any updates.
...Anthony Distefano might had sent you updates while driving around his family in your car...I am curious how many extra miles did he put on your 335 while in service for this? Because he "test" drove mine for ~ 27 car was some sort of "Weekend rental" for these guys as there was dried sand in the carpeting, children shoe marks on the back of my seats; my immaculate 335 was driven with the sunroof open /or he maybe forgot it open while the car was left outside his house in the rain. Not to mention both side skirts were dented, the back rear seat scratched etc.
Peabody used to have a professional Service team, today they suck, big time. They are still nice and have a nice waiting room with free Internet but things never get fixed, you need to bring the car back at least 3 times for every issue. I wouldn't recommend them.

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