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Originally Posted by islandroad83 View Post
Well my Wastegates are rattling like crazy now. I had DP and Full Exhaust on but just took that off so i can go into a dealship and have it be as easy as possible.

My cars VIN falls under the the ones listed though the warranty fix but so far i am being told the BS run around the sound is normal. I went to Herb Chambers in Boston were i normally go to and they always treat me right as long as you deal with the SA Manager but my turbos were not covered. They did not charge me a service fee and also gave me a loaner so i cant complain but i want this fixed. What he did say is that they have to perform a boost pressure test on the turbos and if this is low then they are cause to replace the turbos even besides just the rattle. The rattle is really only one problem as i also have crazy smoke from bank one.

Has anybody had their turbos replaced in NE under the extended warranty and can recommend a good SA?

...unfortunately I don't know a good BMW service center in MA. There are two places (based on my experience ) where you shouldn't go under any circumstances: Herb Chambers of Boston and BMW of Peabody. Good luck.

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