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Originally Posted by RectalItching View Post
i really like the addition of this center component. Technic you brought up a good point about discovering the hole in front and this Upstages compliment. We've been attempting to optimize Logic 7 using the ms-8 processing but using a coaxial in most cases. If it can take advantage of reverb more than a coaxial then,

What do you think about using a cdt audio centerstage or upstage (considering if we would be ok with the cost) instead, conssidering its specialty?

Would the crossover be needed and how would we connect to the Ms-8 then?
This CDT Upstage is mostly for non-DSP systems, as the crossovers included are connected to the existing front channels and create the center/front stage off of those.

DSP processors create their center/front stage by their own internal circuitry and dedicated center speaker.