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Originally Posted by IanS100 View Post
I think Makkan was saying that the lack of broken glass is more likely to be down to "signal jammers" preventing the car locking & then "cloning" via OBD, in response to Hotcoupes screwdriver/lock scenario
Thanks IanS for explaining what I was saying.

Originally Posted by parapaul View Post
I'm surprised that Makkan, being able to code himself, wasn't aware of this already...
Mate, it is my ignorance that I do not take interest in negative stuff.

Originally Posted by parapaul View Post
That's it though, the keys aren't being cloned. 99% likely the thieves only have one key, so there's probably not even any record of unusual sales of spare keys.
Interesting. My understanding is that even though you use one key, but you are linking that key to different cars, and it is still considered 'clonning that key to that car' as technically you are using the genes of that car

I may be totally wrong on this mate unless the car suffers from erectile dysfunction.

Originally Posted by IanS100 View Post
There'll probably be 2 stickers, one saying "OBD Port Moved" & the other a big arrow with "Here It Is", just in case the BMW techs can't find it.

Another quality post

Originally Posted by 2funky4u View Post
So here's a novel thought..talking to my brother and his tech ( he runs an ICE garage), for autos you can't start the car without putting your foot on the brake. So add a simple switch ( hidden away) to the brake electric cable... Wouldn't that work?

Unfotunately, that is not a very good solution. Being coder I observe that each bmw has an option to escape this. Just a matter of ticking an option box.
So with coding, you can skip that step.

And if they can code a key to your car, it is not difficult to code that option with the same hardware but tweaking / adding another option.