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Originally Posted by oma3710 View Post
I put in e85 yesterday and I was wondering how long does it take for map 5 to recognize it. I'm still only boosting 14lbs. I thought it was supposed to go up to 17-18lbs.

My experience with it it took about a week to adjust everyone has different results, started at 13 psi then started it to pick up slowly until a week later were I was getting 18psi according to the fuel highjack to boost. Then I started going to a closer gas station to get the e85 and it drop back to 15-16psi, depending were I was at the time I would put gas at station A wich was were I was seeing 18psi wich I'm usually around he 2-3 times a week and if I was tire at night and didn't want to stop at station A then the next day I'll put at station B where I was getting 15-16 psi but but I stop doing that, stop being lazy at night and started getting it at gas station A because I didn't like the inconsistency of the boost, now I've been at 18-19 psi for some time and loving it. Just have bms caí and muffler delete.
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