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Originally Posted by rgrovr View Post
So I'm not as smart or hardworking as I thought I was? Or my smarts or hardwork are not the most significant contribution to my success? Or because other people may be smarter or harder working, then my success hinges on them?
I would say, even without knowing you personally, that a large part of your success, if you're actually what some would even consider successful by today's standards, is largely based on timing, luck and association. I would also go a step further and suggests that a person like George Walker Bush,for example, who was by historical reference, a mediocre student grandfathered in at an Ivy League school, an incompetent businessman, and devastating CIC, risen through the ranks to reach such an esteemed position. Was his "success" because of hard work or white privilege? Also, what's the odds of one becoming president just like his daddy? Hard work?