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Originally Posted by hl0m4n
so my friend from korea got relocated here for work. we found him a place but we are having a huge difficulties with auto insurance. here are the possibilities we tried but exhausted.

1. get insurance through the company: because this is a start up company in the us, they are not offering it.

2. get insurance from same insurance company from korea: they wanted to charge $814 a month

3. shop for any car insurance in us: $10,000+ a year

i guess this is because he does not have driving history here in the states?

any other ways on getting him insurance? i was thinking i can put his lease under my name and he would pay me upfront for the entire term but then it came to me the insurance would be under my name, in the event he got in an accident or tickets my insurance would go up. so that is a no go...

you guys got any other ideas?
To OP, having read your post again, things just don't add up. There must be some extenuating circumstances that is driving your friends rates up, so not sure we are getting the full picture here. My employer has countless folks transferred to the USA that do not pay such high rates as you have mentioned, nor have issues finding competitive rates as would an American citizen.

Okay, if he is 18-21, driving a Lamborghini with full coverages at the minimum deductibles, I can see this scenario, otherwise, something is amiss.