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E90 320d Loss of torque after new turbo

A few weeks ago, whilst driving on the A1 I heard a whining noise when accelerating and noticed a loss of power. AA recovery took me to a garage in Peterborough where they diagnosed a failed Turbo. This was replaced for a cost of 1200 including labour and vat.

No when I drive the car, below 1800 rpm it seems to really lack the torque that it used to have, above 1800 rpm it seems ok but not as quick as it was before the failure though! I am also getting lots of flat spots/hesitation when I feather the throttle around the 1250 rpm area.

In addition to this, when I unlock the car or shut down the engine the actuator for the turbo spends about a minute clicking before finally slowly motoring to its retracted position.

The car had an occasional hesitation prior to the turbo failure which was only noticeable when cruising with the cruise control on.

The garage have had the car back once and have checked for any fault codes but nothing was logged, they also took the car for a test drive and reported no faults with it. It is becoming quite annoying now!

Any ideas out there guys????