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Dpf and regeneration

Bit of info for anyone who might be worried about when the dpf usually regenerates, When I was looking at buying my car I found that the dpf regeneration might be a big issue for me,with doing short trips around town less than 8miles,but yesterday after driving around town for abound 20mins,I noticed my scangauge's exhaust temperature increasing from the usual 200 degree mark, increase to 400, also miles per gallon dropped,at this point I decided to take to the nearest dual carriage way and continue to let it do it's thing,after driving a further 10miles at about 60mph keeping in fifth at this point the reading was at about 600degrees I then returned around town and the exhuast temp stayed above average at around 400 degrees and then finally dropped to normal,can't say I could smell the camel smell whatever that smells like though, so yes a regen can occur around town if engines fully warm etc.. Also fuel was just under a quarter of a tank. Hope this helps anyone looking to buy so may be worried about the dpf