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Originally Posted by Matrez View Post
BMW said that 2006 E90s are not affected due to different software when compared to the newer models.

I have got the 2006 E90 so I suppose I should be happy.

Ive seen on many BMWs, in order to start up the car, the key fob needs to be inserted and then the start button pressed.

In my case before pressing the start button I need to push the clutch all the way and then I can press the start button in order to fire up the car.

How is it in your case ?
I'm yet to be convinced about the '2006 not affected' story. Mine is 2006 so technically not affected, but i also know it had updated software from the dealer in 2008 when i bought it (getting the silver nav screen etc.) - [this was an attempt to make iphones work with E9x which didnt share phonebooks at the time - now an issue long since fixed]. So is mine vulnerable or not?
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