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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
I would say, even without knowing you personally, that a large part of your success, if you're actually what some would even consider successful by today's standards, is largely based on timing, luck and association. I would also go a step further and suggests that a person like George Walker Bush,for example, who was by historical reference, a mediocre student grandfathered in at an Ivy League school, an incompetent businessman, and devastating CIC, risen through the ranks to reach such an esteemed position. Was his "success" because of hard work or white privilege? Also, what's the odds of one becoming president just like his daddy? Hard work?
......another one with BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome). Just can't get enough can you?

How in the hell can you even make the comment you just made about someone you don't know? Come on Kreskin, tell me all about my success. . I just love the thought process (er, lack therof) of the liberal mind.

Oh yeah, and by the way Bush's college grades were just as good (if not better) than any panty waist libtard that your side has thrown out there in recent times. Of course we are not talking about the empty suit that currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as we haven't a clue what classes he even took, let alone what his grades were.