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Originally Posted by AlwynMike View Post
I got some from "RedLine Auto Extreme" via eBay - around 15 IIRC. They don't have E9x ones at the moment.
Were OK - just a light smoke, rather than black. Very similar to the ones in the first link. Fitted OK, but they didn't come with plugs - just straight wires. Not an issue for me (apart from trying to stop the wires from going back inside the wings as I was soldering the connectors on!!), so not plug-and-play.
Looks like those on the first link have plugs though.
With being a light smoke, you could see the LED's inside if you looked closely, but it didn't bother me - the smoke looked better against the blue than the standard offering.

sweet cheers mate yeh they look like plug n play so should be nice and easy fit ordered now so just 2week wait haha

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