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Originally Posted by mspeasl View Post
So many of our Presidents did not have a formal education like today and many of them that did were mediocre students at best. Lincoln couldn't even win a debate, but he went on to be one of our greatest Presidents.
Which is yet another indication that timing, luck and association plays a huge role into the success or shortfall of individuals. As another member mentioned, there are countless people working hard everyday. That doesn't equate to success at all.

Adams family, Roosevelt family and now the Bush family is part of a the family business to these folks. If the Kennedy's had lived they too would have been part of these family business. Each felt love of country and public service is what they should be doing.
Which really isn't a point because the Kennedy's too benefited from white privilege. Their lineage was similar to the Bushes. My comment wasn't about liberal v. conservative regarding privilege. I simply used Bush since the topic is about the POTUS.

Now I ask why do you inset race into this thread ? You know its funny that the Repubs are always accused of this, but it seems that the Dems are the ones who bring it up most
That's like saying, "Why are you talking about ingredients in a culinary arts thread..."