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I'm just beginning to learn to read my own logs. So far, I think things look pretty good - the only thing I've noticed is an occasional timing correction and a single TPS closure (always between 1-2 gear). Had one in all three logs, but different cylinder in each log, at different rpms, and only one correction in the whole log (1-2-3 gear pulls, since when I floor it it always downshifts to 1 - at leat I think it does?). Are these something to look into, or pretty normal?

Running Stage 1 sport on stock E93 N54 right now. Want to live with that for a while until I move up to aggressive (both to enjoy a the power bump twice, and to watch the logs to make sure the car is liking the tune).

EDIT: the TPS may be closure induced by DTC/DSC, since I know I forgot to turn it off in the first log. In the last one, it's in exactly the same place - bet I forgot again.....

2007 E93 N54

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