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Originally Posted by Ænema View Post
Ocassional 3.xx corrections aren't a huge concern. Throttle closures are likely traction control related if in 1st gear.
Cool, thanks. Actually, going back there were only timing corrections in 2 of three pulls, both just a single cylindar, not the same one. And the throttle closures were both exactly in the same place, shifting from 1-2 right when torque would start building, so I think are most likely the computer trying to play LSD (or I forgot to disable DTC/DSC). But doesn't happen in 2-3 or 3-4.

Once I get a log that is decent (remembering to disable DTC/DSC, good start, etc) will post to make sure I'm reading it right....but this is a huge help.

2007 E93 N54