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Originally Posted by OSAB1 View Post
It's a shame. Skip offers an HP driving day that I did last year. It was 1500 for the day and we drove 911, m3, cayman, lotus, Lexus. Very minimal time on track. It was a gift so I didn't mind the $$. Still it was a lot. I understand how BMW and skip are thinking but I don't agree. They take the HP day as a base and let performance center make the rest. I understand cost of bringing the cars up, the fuel, the instructor costs , but at some point you scare away customers. This should be 1k for the day and it would be a fun event for all of us to say we did it. How much can you really charge people to drive a car they may already own? I've done lots of stuff with skip and BMW so I am used to this mentality. Just disappointed that I can't do what could be a fun day with friends. Better than being at work but I don't make 2500 a day!!!!! Next month I drive with group 52 at Watkins Glenn in my e92 m3 and my e36 m3 gtr that I am partnered in. Unlimited track time for 550 bucks!!!!!!!! So no comparison. Then oct 21 I go to Nurburgring for driver training, I believe with exchange this will 4k (without flight), so again no comparison. Interested to see attendance. If it is full then I am out of touch and they priced it right.
I agree with everything you said. You are way more involved than I am, so I take what you said into even more consideration. You're totally right, thats a very big expense for what your getting. You can get a lot more for $2500 than what they are offering. Yet, they are making it like "Select few" sure...count me out.