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Are you just making toe adjustments? I know of a few guys with hot rods that do their own alignments but they are not really concerned with tire wear and extreme accuracy. I can't help but ask what your reason for it is. I like DIY just as much as the next guy but I cant help but leave this one to the professionals.... The accuracy of the newer alignment machines is simply incredible, which is probably why they are about $14,000. I can understand not trusting certain facilities but I would be spending time finding one I could trust and getting a good alignment. Just my two pennies....

Toe, camber; ride height.


Often as I like
Know it's done right
Have my own settings
Enjoy having the expertise

Working on accuracy - seeing I can be in BMW tolerances; gotta invent couple o'things like fine, fine adj for laser position/calibration. Worm gear & height adj turntable for that.

Oh, and I'm stubborn!

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