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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
Can you please expound on how these requirements have been lowered, like in detail? At the amount of idiots I see wearing a badge, I seriously doubt the highest standards are remotely out of reach for the average joe. A real issue I see at first glance, is the height and weight standards that appear to be of little importance for these civil servant jobs. Sloppy. Also, what about the nepotism that has run rampant for these type of careers? I recall when the entire NYPD and FDNY was entirely Italian and Irish! Is that due to hard-work or nepotism and white affirmative action? You tell me, buddy. So, even in the brown and black neighborhoods, you mean to tell me not one back or Hispanic or asian man/women has ambition or the intelligence to serve his or her own community in these positions? They can't make the cut? That's what was said about the Tuskegee Airmen, too, who out-flew and and fought their white pilot counterparts when given the opportunity. Please continue....

Don't get me started on the all black youth Polo team in Philly that's beating the crap out of all their rival Ivy league teams....
Sorry, I live in small town mid-America. You must be quite old to recall only Irish and Italian NYPD and FDNY. I really doubt if they have been 100% European for better than 50/60 years. Here in the mid-west we don't have that 1% sport of Polo. Sorry

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