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Originally Posted by ///ajd;126****7
I'm yet to be convinced about the '2006 not affected' story. Mine is 2006 so technically not affected, but i also know it had updated software from the dealer in 2008 when i bought it (getting the silver nav screen etc.) - [this was an attempt to make iphones work with E9x which didnt share phonebooks at the time - now an issue long since fixed]. So is mine vulnerable or not?
It depends what kind of software they have uploaded, the 2006 one or later one. I am just thinking, why is the old software safe ? Is it that the computer cuts off the OBD port once the car is turned off and closed ? I think there is no point anyway for the OBD port to be activated when the car is locked as there is no point of using it Also BMW's fantastic design is that there is no glass break sensor and the sensor to activating the alarm doesnt cover the 4 inch are down the driver's door. The OBD port is located within great position

The security company who worked with BMW on the very special design just made all of this in mind for the thieves to steal our cars so they could also earn money selling their codes to other companies to making these key coding devices.

Thousands or even millions of people have heard about it and I suppose the BMW sales will drop down so maybe then BMW will think about all this !