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Originally Posted by ParkNuts View Post
I believe the M3 dct clutch pack upgrades could probably be used to beef up the transmission. Haven't heard of anyone doing it on an N54/55 car just yet.
Forgive my ignorance, but why would the M3 DCT clutch pack be better than the one in the 135i? Even stock, our N55 engine makes more torque than the S65, never mind an N55 that is tuned, FBO + Meth.

I understand that the M3 would likely have beefier components overall but do you really think BMW would overbuild the M3's DCT to handle nearly double it's stock torque output? If anything, I would expect the M3's DCT to be designed to handle more revs but I don't see any reason for BMW to build it to handle that much additional torque.