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Originally Posted by Dys View Post
I am currently running a dinan stage 1 suspension with Koni front struts and a m3 rear sway. I love the performance and ride quality, but every time I see the front wheel gap it makes me sad. I talked to Harold at hpa and found out that the swift coilover conversion kit works with xi koni's, but he also said the max I could lower it in the front is 1". I'm unsure if it's really worth it and would like to hear the opinions of some owners. How's the performance, ride quality, height adjustability, etc.?
reading this after speaking with on over pm, i think you definitely want to be lower than just 1" from stock. the price point for the parts alone is $1K for HPA Swift conversion on top of $1.5-2K that you already spent on your current setup. i recommend that you look into a set of KW V1s. i often wonder how much time & money i would have saved if i did the same. if you plan to push your car often where it matters to handle better than the KWs (track), consider the Swifts, but then again, you height adjustment will be limited unless you shorten your struts. problem with shortening your Koni struts is the sway bar link brackets that are welded on which needs to be moved, so the shortening service may cost extra. this also means that the mounting point for the sway bar link will be moved down an inch as well. this may lead to needing to get shorter sway bar end links to retain proper suspension geometry. the stock may still work but with clearance issues. i wonder if anyone has done this or has the current TCK setup with the 1" shortened struts that can chime in about the sway bar links?
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