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BMW OBD port disabled Stickers / Decals

Hi All,
First of all if you have not moved / disabled your OBD, please read my thread here.

Once you moved your OBD port, please carry on reading with this post.

As promised earlier, I ordered few OBD disabled stickers / decals, and they are finally with me.

We know that stance of BMW is to update the software soon. They have promised 8 weeks but God knows if that is really going to happen. Mean while I recommend all of you to move/disable your OBD port or at least use dislock.

Moreover thieves are not going to know whether software has been updated on your car (in case if that happens) or not and they may try on your car. It is better to warn them with such stickers irrespective of you getting software update from BMW or you move /disable the obd port.
So you need some sort of warning for thieves and it is up to you whether you use these stickers or make your own.

Coming back to stickers, I have posted a photo earlier on my other thread and some people mentioned that it was too big.

So I requested this company to make it smaller and make it slightly more visible.
After a little bit of tweaking, I was advised that due to vibrant colour this will not be printed perfectly on the transparent sticker sheet. And I was advised to get these printed on cling, which I agreed.

So I have just posted one on my car and here is the photo.

Now they benefit of using clings:
1- They are not as sticky as stickers but sticks to windows.
2- They can be fitted easily.
3- They can be removed without leaving traces of glue.
4- They can always be re-used.
5- Your windows can be opened and closed without any interference and without these clings coming off (tested it).

How to stick these to your car?

EDIT: They should stick from inside of your window and Red surface of cling should go against the glass.

Applying it is very simple. Just clean your window with glass cleaner and make sure it is dry. Apply the cling to the window glass starting from the middle of the cling and going outward in each direction from the centre. Try not to have any bubbles b/w cling and the window glass. Once applied, please make sure that all boundaries are properly sticking to glass and there is no air bubble(s) b/w the cling and the window glass.
And you are done.

If you trap air bubble(s), just take that part off the glass and re-apply making sure there is no bubbles.

Here is a video explaning it (though you do not need to wet the sticker)

If you find my instructions hard to understand, please google it. Pretty simple job and takes about 30-60 seconds on one sticker.

Now these are up for sale 3 pieces for 5 including delivery sent by first class royal mail.

Very reasonably priced and if you are interested to buy these, please pm me and I will forward you my paypal details (payment as gift only). Please bear in mind that I am not interested to know your address or I am not building any database, so please use your work address or any other address which you think is safe (just in case if you are not happy).

Lastly, I am not making any profit on these, and I ordered these to help our community here. I hope there will be no complaints, but please bear in mind that we all waste more money than this on many useless things, so please do not come back and start complaining that you wasted your fiver.

Those who got your cars coded by me at any stage, please pm me with your details. These are free for you as a little way of thanking you for having confidence on me.

Now where to stick these, I will leave it to you guys to decide and update this thread with some new ideas/ photos of these on your car.


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