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Originally Posted by dce93atl View Post
I saw a thread where guys were getting some great deals, however I'm concerned about the money up front, how to negotiate and how picky the dealer is at the end when you turn it in. I'm curious as to whether they really try to stick it to you if you have nicks, scratches or curb rash. One of my buddies was saying to get the protection option for body damage and the wheel and tire protection to avoid that.

I've also heard the best time to lease is when the BMW has a ton of lease incentives on the table and when a new model year is coming in.
No money up front...ever. I paid my first months payment upfront and that was it.

My dealer told me, its normal for it to be turned in with nicks and some scratches. But just dont turn it in with any dents or holes lol I did buy the premium level wheel warranty which also covers the windshield, dents, dings, and scratches on the car for peace of mind. Ive used it about 7 times already. Unlimited amount of claims. I still have 13 months left on my lease so Im sure (Even though I hope not) I'll be making another claim or two.

The biggest issue with leasing (and as well as buying) is you have to be able to shop around. I went to multiple dealers in Louisiana and Texas before flying out to California to get my car. Louisiana wanted $775 a month BEFORE tax for a non msport non navigation 335.... As you can see my car is fully loaded and I got it for $200 less per month by going to Los Angeles.