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Thanks for this Mo -I've not yet had a chance to read through but will do so shortly. Can I just say I have spoken to SO many people in the last week re: audio and have had an almost different response from everyone LOL.

Some say, why did I bother getting the MS8, get a cleansweep, some have said don't bother with the morels or rainbows they won't fit in the door unless mods have been done to make them fit (added labour charges), some have said get BSW components, whilst others have said get what fits, i.e. Focal K2 (100KRS) or similar sized speakers.

I won't even get on to the amps...

I am LITERALLY OVERFLOODED with info tha'ts coming out my ears! It has been an overwhelming inflow of info this last week to the point of giving up LOL.

I don't remember it being this hard the last time I upgraded with SWS, Bit One, Focal K2 and JL JX amp.. Job Done!

I am told the MS-8 is no good for me.. why is this? It's REALLY had me thinking whether I did the right thing buying it (albeit used) or not and now I'm starting to think.. "what if I ebay it now"..

I am Really and Truly stuck now - and rather than going down the Morel / Rainbow route, then getting someone to cut tabs to make them fit in the given space (I've seen it done on the Forum before) or ship from the US or even wait until December / January to have family bring stuff over from the US on request, to just go ahead with the good old Focal K2 100KRS which will fit as I know.

So what the tweeters are harsh.. does it really matter so much - I can always turn them down slightly... I'm not entering any competitions so what the heck does it matter.

Picked up the Jehnert 8" today + spacers, got the MS-8, need Technic's harness (he has a PM) and need the focals + 4 chn amp.. JOB DONE and then next stage is the boot install. The build and Sub is there, now need me a decent Amp and I will be done.

None of this back and forth bs anymore LOL. My problem was I knw Focals tweeters are bright but the door mids were superb! I can turn the tweeters down a little to make for better SQ / Blending but I think I was getting too dragged into this SQ stuff and wanting the best money can buy ... effectively, whatever I do will be fairly decent and whatever I get will also be decent - not cheap stuff but good quality stuff. ANYTHING will sound better once fitted.

Who agrees and who disagrees? If someone categorically can say that Hybrid Ovations or Dotech Ovations WILL fit the E92 NO DOUBT and doesn't require that much work that my installer can't handle or won't charge a huge amount, then I may consider them.

But Focal K2s at 190, how can anyone go wrong?!?! Granted Morels are less harsh - but will it be THAT noticeable.. I won't be blaring the music all the time - only during shows (non audio shows) so that's when the tweeters high's can attract listeners from far away and the 10w7 bass will keep them interested ;-)

What do "y'all" think?
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