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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
You did not make a mistake with the ms8, unless you listen to nothing but techno. Look up the definitions of tonality, imaging and staging, and ask yourself if those things are important to you. To most people they are.

Regarding door speakers, just get the Focals. The price is right. Those cost over $600 over here! Like I said you can change the tweeters later on if you don't like them.

Don't be stressed out, it'll all be worth it in the end.
Thanks buddy - relieved to hear that! I am told however that the MS-8 althought is an excellent kit, does have it's shortcomings in that there is a lot of echo-ing when on phone calls?

Is this true? If yes is there any way around it? Have any of you guys experienced this?

Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
What I was going to say, is already up there.

You have not done any mistake by purchasing MS-8.

My car is without MS-8 and I have listened music in a car with MS-8 and certainly SQ is far better in that car.

If you bought it, go for it.

And as Kaigoss said, go for Focals, and you can turn the treble down if you wish to do so.

Rest up to you S1. If at any stage, you plan to dispense MS-8, give me a shout and I will check my finance situation and may take it from you.

There you go, you have a cusomer + some good advice from kaigoss.
Will let you know dude :-) cheers s2

Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
Like i said during our call earlier on, the best way to research is to get loads of opinions, as nobody knows everything and will have different opinions, rightly or wrongly, and then ultimately you decide on what you want, which you have. So you've done the right thing by taking the time to research!

I remember when i was planning, constantly changing my plans ALL the time. Just ask B33M3R. Hope you've decided now, you'll be relieved when its over!
Yeah spoke to many people now. Afsar mentions the Morel Hyrbid Ovations are available and has given an excellent price (260ish), however, agani brings me back to square 1 - fitment issues in an e92.. if it's done and CAN be done without mad modding, I'll go witht hem even though 70 more than the focals, but if there's quite some work involved and then after modding the installer realises they still wont' fit, that's a big problem..

Anyone know if Morel Hybrid fit the E92? I believe E92 depth is 40mm...?

Last time I ask - promise lol.
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