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Originally Posted by Tiago@VRSF View Post
Not sure exactly what we did to upset you but I apologize for offending you. We don't release products and then "tweak" them to fit. Our customers don't pay retail to be beta testers. We make sure the product is perfect before going into production. If it takes a bit longer, so be it. I'm not comfortable putting my name on something that I wouldn't put on my own car.

Find me one unresolved rattling thread and you get a free set of pipes. Rattling is caused by improper installation/clocking.

The XI pipes are actually going to have more clearance due to the fact that they neck down to 2.5" pipes sooner. BTW we haven't changed one thing on the non-xi DP's since we released them and we've sold over 300 sets. The 3-4 threads that exist that refer to rattling were & are clear cases of improper installations which can be easily resolved by re-setting/clocking the pipes or
moving the mid pipe hanger. I haven't had one case where someone had a rattling problem that hadn't been resolved after contacting us directly.
It's just frustrating because I watched AR design take a customer z4, created the first z4 dp's available and had 13 sets ready for delivery the week after. I guess you guys are the sellers and don't actualy fab parts so you don't have control over the production. It will be nice to eventually have another more affordable xi dp though. Thanks for clearing up all the rattle reports.
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