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Originally Posted by vasillalov View Post
Off topic, but no, you would need 1 keyfob original (already programmed to the car) present. So you need the car, 1 original keyfob and 1 new keyfob to program. Look, we can argue all day here, but the fact is all car makers have autoprogramming of some sort built into their cars.
Tried that too, kept the other fob in, tried starting and not starting the car, still no joy. The older models (e36 with the diamond keys) apparently had that but not the new ones.
Higher end cars don't seem to have autoprogramming anymore (it seems people tend to steal them more often
There used to be a way to dump the CAS EEPROM and reverse engineer the car code from the image and write it to the key but BMW "fixed" that with CAS2 or 3 and you can't get that anymore. Then some hackers found a way to write the new key code straight in the CAS EEPROM so the car won't have to learn it but then BMW released a software update in late 2011 where you can no-longer write the EEPROM via the OBDII port so now you have to use the ICOM interface to even get close to that (but most older cars don't have their CAS modules updated yet).
There is some guy from Burgas that made a device that can do all this somehow and there is a video on youtube but he's asking 10K for it.