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even more coding questions

hi again.

After you fixed my car you maybe can help me again.

I want to code these things but i dont know how.
Basics are clear and i succesfully coded other things but i dont know where i find the following.

car was built 01/2008 if that matters.

-i want to use the inner lights for flash. atm only the xenons do it

-coming home light without xenon but fog lights instead

-welcome light with additional fog lights and for a longer time

-flashing 3rd brake light when fully breaking (bfd)

-fold mirrors with key

-parking light on till lock

-no a/c on auto

-wipers wipe to end after ignition off

is it even clear what i ask you for? i need to improve my language skills :x
i know i already asked that in "coding succes" but i thing its a bit confusing there

good night =)