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Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
That's just the thread I was referring to as well when I said I have seen this done elsewhere - thanks! In your opinion, is it worth the hassle of doing that mod on the spkr grill / cutting tabs etc and paying an extra 70 for the hybrid ovations over focal k2s?

Also, does every upgrade speaker require those 'adapters'/spacers to fit them into the OEM holes??

Lastly, can you guys with the MS8 please comment on the echo-ing issues, if any, experienced when making / receiving telephone calls in the car via the car's BT?

As B33MER and mob17 already suggested to go for it, I would follow what they have said.

About cutting those things, I cannot comment on that, but surely if you are getting installed by B33MER or myself, we will try to follow technics' pathyway here with minimal distruction.

However if you are going to get it installed by audio installers, its upto you mate.

About adaptors, mob17 has made his own which is a very good step forward.
I bought aftermarkets and modified them to fit in Rudz car.
I would rather go and do as mob17 done it.

About echo-ing, I am not aware of that. But surely there will be a solution for that.