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Originally Posted by Pseudo Nim View Post
... or a cruise control stalk that sticks Mine stuck and I had the dealer replace it under warranty. It was crazy - if you used it to accelerate, it would stick and just floor the car like in those American news reports. Of course, I realised that I have a brake, and it generally prevented me from hitting things and running over people and suing everyone.

On a more relevant note, I wonder if you NEED to reprogram your SZL, though, when you replace this - in my case he said he HAD to do it, but it might have been because he didn't have a way of recalibrating the steering angle sensor, which can be done at your friendly local alignment shop.
....Yes or a sticky cruise control stalk arm

Like I said, I never had to replace this unit in my car because when I got the alignment the DSC light error went away, but I too was told that either the alignment shop, or BMW would have to reprogram the unit to the car if I was to swap them out.

Want an extra unit just in case? haha