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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
I believe that AA has it's place in our society. However, i have recently been a victim of our government taking an idea which has merit in some situations and applying that idea across the board.

We and another vendor have been working on a bid for the past few months to refurbish the ticketing area at our airport. Our bid was $995,000 which was $45,000 lower than the other vendor. The other vendor has been in business in Tampa for over 15 years. Because he is of Cuban decent he determined to be a "disadvantaged business" making him the preferred vendor.

Tell me please, how in America where all people of all nationality and race are all able to do the same things with their freedoms, does being of Cuban decent make for a disadvantage when being in business? This pisses me 2 fold. One as a business owner and one as a tax payer. As a tax payer i'm pissed to have to pay $45,000 more for the same finished product. As a business owner i feel like i'm at a clear disadvantage due to this AA.

I just can't figure out why makes his business disadvantaged? I don't get it.
Apparently being Cuban means you are somehow less capable is the only thing i get out of that policy

... either that or something about reparations for one wrong or another generations ago, white guilt, or something else that 48 would like to point out.