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Originally Posted by rgrovr View Post
- 8.1% Unemployment (43 months above 8%)
- Less jobs created this year than in 2011
- 47 million people on FoodStamps
- 1 in 6 Americans in Poverty
- $5t in new debt since Obama took office
- President's budget voted down 97-0 and 414-0
- Gitmo still open
- Drone attacks killing American citizens (and you cried about
- Gas prices doubled in 4 years
- Median income down $4,000
- 23 million either unemployed or underemployed
- Lowest workforce participation rate in 30 years
- Healthcare costs up 10% year over year in 2011
- $240k for each job created by Stimulus (3.3m)

Ironically, the same points you mention here, which are all continuing to suppress a vibrant economy, are the same points that are keeping Obama as popular as he is with a certain segment of the electorate.

The more people who remain without a job at all, or are underemployed, are the same people who benefit from government entitlement programs. As the POTUS continues to fumble the ball on the economy, the longer these people are out of the workforce, the harder it becomes for them to get back in, and the more dependant they become on Uncle Sam's handouts. The whole thing feeds on itself. As that segment of the population continues to grow, (or fails to shrink), his actions are essentially creating more people who are primed to be more sympathetic to his message.

When someone else comes along and starts talking about reducing the opportunities for people to suckle at the taxpayers teat, then those who are currently doing the suckling are hardly going to be receptive to that message, are they ?

If you ask me, that is the biggest single reason the Republicans are failing to walk away with the contest to the degree that Obama's results suggest they should.