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Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
Its alright, from my understanding, the wider the pipes, no backpressure/ torque build up, the more air flow thus deeper tone, and smaller pipes equal more backpressure, less freeflowing, and higher pitched sounds. I was just curious incase you'd wanna try changing to smaller pipes, but anything under 3k with the loud race whine will eventually get annoying and create more drone than wanted. I've been in many race/track cars and I've gotta say the noise gets irritating when you're at a drive thru and its screaming at you or your fellow drivers and especially when you're on the phone on idle or from a cold start early in the morning, the neighbors will eventually try to do something to your car ( real story coming from me) so just keep those little things in mind just incase. Please post sound clips, id really love to hear it
That's some interesting information there. What pipes are we talking about though? The ones after the (deleted) cat all the way to the tips? Or even from before the cat?