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Originally Posted by BabyrayS2k View Post
Based on National Championships. I like Michigan just fine but how many championships have they one? How many in the last 50 years?

Where is your list?
There's more to base the list off of than just National Championships in the last 50 years, as evidenced by the variance in rankings from various sources:

Here's bleacherreport's list of the Top 10 programs of all time.

Scout's list

Etc... Those are just a quick couple I found, and shouldn't be taken as gospel. I was just showing that the lists can vary quite a bit based off of what your input parameters and weighting are.

I don't believe there is a such thing as a "best programs of all time" list, that's why you have to mention what you're basing the list off of. Just NC's? Ok cool, that list is going to look a lot different than one based solely on avg rankings through the years, winning percentage, total wins, etc...

BTW, they've been playing college football for a lot more than 50 years.