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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
According to the Census Bureau, 49% of Americans in the second quarter of 2011 lived in a household where at least one member received a government benefit. (The total population at the time was 305 million).

That’s up from 30% in the 1980s and 44.4% in the third quarter of 2008, a recent growth in part attributable to the bad economy of President Obama’s first term.

What are these handouts, as determined by the census bureau?

-Social Security
-food stamps
-assistance with their rent
-unemployment benefits
-Elderly tax benefits (the extra standard deduction for the elderly, the exclusion of a portion of Social Security benefits, and the credit for the elderly)
-child and dependent care tax credit
-Earned Income Tax Credit
-Exclusion of other cash transfers (such as welfare and disability payments)
-Tax-exempt interest and some other deductions, such as for retirement savings
-Itemized deductions
-Education credits
Firstly, nearly every American is receiving a governmental tax credit of some sort...from "Rodney, the Vietnam vet." to Romney himself. That point is moot. Again, unemployment benefits are only activated because someone HAS worked and has contributed to that fund via their employer. Likewise, several of your "Uncle Sam handouts" deal with the elderly who have already contributed such as SS. Are you going to forfeit your SS when the time arises? Education benefits? Really? That's a handout? What about the universities, colleges, trade schools , corporations that receive huge tax exemptions for doing business? If you own a home, don't you receive a tax credit annually? Hmmm. What about Gov't regulated home interest rates that prevents usury, for example? Food stamps is not a handout. What's the alternative? Having hungry children populate our nation? Even with this aid, many go hungry. You judge a nation by how they treat their children and animals. You're making it seem like Obama is handing out free Play Stations and Abercrombie and Fitch to the poor, lazy and lame. Food and shelter is not a handout, my friend. It's a necessity. You're reaching.