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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
Besides, the majority of people on welfare are women and children and not Harold the laid-off engineer.
Not sure what the point is with this distinction here. My premise is that more people than ever before have been struggling financially, and those people who become dependant on entitlements are more likely to vote for Obama. The cycle feeds off itself. Hence the strong polling numbers for Barry, despite his track record so far.

Obviously children cant vote, but their single moms can, and last I checked, their 1 vote counts just as much as Harold the laid-off engineer, even if Harold was making more per year than she did in 5 years. Thus, the single mom will influence the results of popularity polls today, and even more importantly, when in the actual voting booth in November. For every wealthy person (or middle class who ASPIRES to be wealthy) who might prefer Romney in a poll, there will be more new food stamp recipients than him who wont, and that ratio will get bigger and bigger with each passing quarter of financial misery.

I still stand by my original assertion; the failure of Obamanomics to put folks back to work will ironically increase his chances to win as those folks dont want to cut off the only hand that remains feeding them.