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I had no problem with the fitment on my DP's in fact it was spot on. All you guys complaining its taking to long you have to understand the supply and demand of the situation. VRSF is not AR designs who have been manufacturing parts for these cars for much longer. Tiago is developing solid yet affordable parts for our community and has to be very careful when putting his name on something. I know he is working on exhaust, chargepipes, new intercoolers. Something all of us can enjoy. To appeal to a small group of XI's which many have already went with another brand. I would of shelved it. The market isnt there and I would put my r&D into the exhaust 5inch intercooler and a chargepipe. Thats just me Im telling you they have great customer service a quality product and are affordable for all. Many complain just go buy AR. But if Tiago says they will be ready to go you can bet its worth the wait and the 500 bucks that can go towards another mod for your vehicle.