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Originally Posted by 48Laws View Post
But, you want to do away with gov't dependents so that doesn't matter. LOL
Never said I want to do away with them. I just want them to be changed to reflect the demographic reality

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Perhaps you may want to address that damn life expectancy for increasing, ya know.... (Common sense 101)
Seriously? You think I have no idea why the ratio is changing? I never said that a longer life expectancy is bad. Common sense dictates that you cannot pretend that people are not living longer, and expect that well to not run dry.

I know why people depend on SS more than ever, that doesn't change the basic math problem. If they can't feed themselves, and Uncle Sam has to, then the funding has to increase somewhere.

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Your statement shows how you're aligned to party talking points because SS is not party specific. All have access to it. Even McCain collects social security!!!!
What??? what does this have to do with party talking points? I didnt say that it's OK that McCain collects it, or that it's only bad if Democrats collect it. I'm saying we have a problem going forward if everyone continues to collect it without more funding. Of course, you tax folks more, and they will take advantage of globalization and ship even more stuff overseas.

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It's a problem, definitely. But only if one is using SS as a back up plan to sustain themselves in their later years. I'm not.
So you are not only relying on SS, so if others who are not financially able to have another plan get screwed because the SS well is run dry, well that's their problem? That doesnt sound very left to me.

What I'm saying is, warn folks now the tap will gradually be turned off so they have time to start building a separate fund instead of expecting Uncle Sam to be there. Isnt that better than saying nothing, then when the time comes, you tell them "sorry, you should have had a backup plan ? I have one"