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Originally Posted by youngb4 View Post
I've lurked on this thread since it started and have been tempted to run out the door to the dealership and get the PPK1 installed stat! Although I haven't accomplished that yet, I did just have the BMW PE installed and all I can say is wow . I agree with everything Belgier has said; you can really tell this exhaust was designed for our cars, it accentuates everything in a positive way, and isn't intrusive (unless you want it to be and mash the throttle ). Expensive, yes, but IMO, money well spent; my car now sounds like what I think a sport coupe should.

I have to say, I may be even more tempted to get the PPK1 and see what that does to my driving experience . I currently am running an older version of the N55 DME software (Dec. 2010 build) so I still get burbles and pops on downshifts or coasting. It's my understanding that the new DME software update eliminates it, and the PPK1 adds it again . I wonder if the burble/pop inherent with the PPK1 would be more noticeable than what I currently experience? I really like that sound (especially post BMW PE) and would hate to lose it in a software update, so the PPK1 may allow that to become permanent (along with a lil boost in performance of course ). Hope I'm not getting too off topic!

I really can't tell you because i already hat the PE before i upgraded the DME with the PPK software... I know that the pops are pretty loud! You can hear them from inside if you're driving in the city...

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