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Originally Posted by BabyrayS2k View Post
Good list but no Texas or Nebraska. Maybe I need to read up on Ohio State more.
My list is going to be biased.

I guess I could set up a .xls later with each parameter and its weighting so as to actually have some substance behind the argument. That's just an "off the top of my head" list which probably does a good job showing my bias towards B1G area teams. Also a UofM alumnus so that shows too. It would be against my constitution to move them below #2 (but seriously if I do get a weighted comparison together, that doesn't apply).

There aren't really many parameters that can be used, right?

1. National Championships (but good luck finding old ones that can't be disputed)'
2. Winning percentage
3. Number of wins
4. Heisman winners
5. Professional players
6. HoFers
7. General prestige to the name

etc (in no particular order)...

Anything else that can be taken into account? I think general prestige must get thrown out as it's purely subjective and immeasurable, right? We all know ND has quite the oomph in that regard, but if it's not quantifiable, it cannot be compared, correct?