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Originally Posted by secretsquirrel View Post
We all know that general matchup polls mean absolutely nothing to the election. It's all about the state by state polls. Penn is not even being contested by Romney. Michigan was never as close as a couple of polls suggested. Obamas lead in OH is coming back strong. Virginia's changing demographic means that it's harder for Romney to get. And the newer polls suggest that it's moving away from Romney. Florida is leaning slightly for Obama also. Basically, he's up in almost every swing state minus Missourri, NC and maybe Iowa (?). All he needs is Penn (which he has), Mich, and OH and it's over. And you could sub OH for Colorado and Iowa.

Keep in mind that I'm writing this from my phone and Im trying to feed dinner to my two little ones so I dont have time to run numbers at web sites, but I think you'll find them pretty accurate. Romneys road to 270 is very hard since he is behind in most of the swing states and Obama is already so close to 270.
Yup. Obama has several paths to 270. Rmoney, not so much. Obama may lose the popular vote, but he'll win re-election via the electoral vote.