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Learning the 335i's engine and how everything works together

Being a recent 2007 335i owner I'd like to learn about the engine and how the entire car works together. I don't like the idea of installing mods and not knowing how they affect my car so that is a prime reason as well.

I practically have no knowledge of cars and their inner workings at all, so what would be the best bet? I've already started on the sticky'd engine thread.

The way I learn about stuff like this is seeing how everything works in the BIG picture, or at least how parts work in a major section. Learning about individual parts does nothing except confuse and disinterest me.

Is there like a complete 3D guide of the 335i that shows how everything works together? It almost has to be a visual guide with videos/pictures because if not I have no working knowledge and it just becomes jumbled up.

I REALLY want to learn my car so if anyone could help I'd be so appreciative!!!!

Edit: Also, what are some terms that I should know right off the bat? Not only for general engine inquiries but mods as well? For example, "boost"

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