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Originally Posted by FRG View Post
1) Defo wouldn't get a pass for that!

2) Tried that a few years ago, only an Enduro bike but I got sick of falling off while 'green laning'. Flat out at 75mph on the road was enough for me as well. And to be honest I'm too scared of falling off at speed to have a sports bike.
I'm just back into biking after 20 years (I know, born-again biker!)
But I'm trying to be sensible, and I'm doing the green laning bit on a CRF250. As you say, a trudge on the road, but I just stick it on a trailer. Been at it for a year or so, and there has been lots of falling off. On a day out, we average about 100 miles, 90% of which will be off road. Just last month was the first time I'd been out that I hadn't actually fallen off the bike at some stage during the day. Thankfully no injuries yet, because I'm slow, but it's bloody good fun. Indeed, as one of our lot pointed out - what else can you do that is as good fun for a fiver's worth of petrol.