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Originally Posted by AlwynMike View Post
I'm just back into biking after 20 years (I know, born-again biker!)
But I'm trying to be sensible, and I'm doing the green laning bit on a CRF250. As you say, a trudge on the road, but I just stick it on a trailer. Been at it for a year or so, and there has been lots of falling off. On a day out, we average about 100 miles, 90% of which will be off road. Just last month was the first time I'd been out that I hadn't actually fallen off the bike at some stage during the day. Thankfully no injuries yet, because I'm slow, but it's bloody good fun. Indeed, as one of our lot pointed out - what else can you do that is as good fun for a fiver's worth of petrol.

I had a WR250F but always wanted a CRF250, they're not as easy to ge hold of though and were more money than the WR at the time, not sure now, haven't looked plus the WR was on a 2 year drip from the local Yamaha dealer. Quite a few of my mates still go out regularly around the peak district but they do a weekend in Wales once a year which I'd like to try if I ever get another. The breaking point for me was falling off on ice and badly spraining my wrist, I'm a contractor so time off work is not welcomed. I went back out one last time, did quite a hard run which involved climbing some f**king big rock steps after a fairly wide river crossing, I made it to the top totally exhausted, ripped my helmet off and threw my guts up. That was the final nail in the coffin for sure!

When you're enjoying it though, which I did 75% of the time, it is bloody good fun for a fiver!