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I feel bad when i hear 320d owners saying that their turbo/DPF has failed and BMW want like 1000 to put it right. Bye bye fuel savings

The way i see it, cars are the only thing in my life that i love, that i spend all my free time either talking about or reading about. I will happily pay a couple of hundred quid more in petrol a year to keep my hobby. We not on this website because we love how much MPG our cars give us, we're on this site because we all love cars, driving and the thrill it gives us. Diesel cars simply do not deliver anywhere near the thrill of a petrol car for me, ie. 335d. Yes they have mountains of torque, yes they'll launch you down the road almost as quickly as the 335i and at the same time do 10mpg more, but they do all of this without any sense of buzz or excitement. Hearing my 335i blast up to 7krpm is probably the best part of my day, hearing the sound echo off buildings as i go down narrow streets makes me giggle like a child and i wouldn't change it for anything.

In 5-10 years we'll all be driving 1litre 3 cylinder hybrid diesels anyway, so the longer i can hold onto my 3litre 6 cylinder twin turbo petrol, the better.