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RFT tyre pressures

I noticed recently that one of my front tyres was wearing quite badly on the inner and outer edges of the OEM Bridgestone RFT's fitted to my car.

Went to the local petrol station, dropped a few pennies into the air pump to find out what was going on and found the following:

Front nearside: 29psi
Front offside: 28psi (this was the one wearing the worst, most likely as it's the most underinflated)
Rear nearside: 30psi
Rear offside: 30psi

All were @ 'cold' running temperature.

Obviously I'm a bit miffed I'd not noticed this before but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I was on my phone at the time and the only info I could find was to do the following:

Inflate front tyres to 32psi
Inflate rear tyres to 35psi

So that's what I've inflated them up to for now. Not sure if these are the right tyre pressures anyway so thought I'd ask if I've still got more inflating to much more do I need? I've read a few articles and I see some recommending as much as 38psi to front and rear...what are your views?
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