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So I was wondering how many people with a 335is have switched the stock exhaust to the bmw PE one or another aftermarket exhaust? For those of you who have, are you happy with the decision or do you regret taking off the nice sounding stock one?
That's funny! I've been thinking of the exact same thing and really wanting to hear feedback from actual 335is owners if a PE is that much louder than the stock 'is' with "golf tee mod" to make it worth the $1K purchase. Like you, I'm happy with the current tone but feel it could use a little volume adjustment.

Regarding the tips, I looked into this as well and you can always buy the PE and have black tips welded on. There are some really good options for us

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Please let us know if you pull the trigger
Yeah i thought of that too. On my 135 PE i actually painted the tips black and it looked good but i had to put another coat on it every few months. With winter coming i probably won't do this until the spring if i do it at all, but I'm trying to see who has done it and if they are happy with their decision. I guess i could always put the stock exhaust back on and sell the PE one if i don't like it as well.
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