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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
Hi Paul,
Most of 3 series come with CD prep which means you should have cable in the trunk to attach your kit, should you wish to. If you provide me last 7 digits of your VIN number, I can look into it.

Does you car come equiped with bluetooth?

If you are thinking of going for Dension Gateway kit, it will require coding. But whoever fits it, should code your car as well. It is usually included in the fitting price.

Dealer will only sell you their ipod kit (which is going to be useless with new iphone / ipod) and will code your car. You will be left out for Bluetooth option then.

Cannot comment on parrot kit, as I never used it.


I will let you know Matt. This time, we will sort it out hopefully.
Hi makkan00

The last 7 digits on the vin are VJ16130 and its a 2008 320D with professional radio, the company that suggested the Dension can only fit it an not code it as they don't have the software? I think they usually pull out the cd changer which I don't have and replace with the dension which will do what I want it to do. I am led to believe that the steering wheel is bluetooth compatible as it has the buttons on and there are all the same but not activated?
I am also keen to look into the following mods, Chirp sound on locking / unlocking, digital speed on speedometer, Complete wiper cycle when turning off the car.
Is there anywhere that I can see a list of mods available for my car? I am new to this having only had the car 3 hours.

Many thanks