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Originally Posted by carve View Post
LOL- didn't you start a thread a few months ago about tattoo removal because you regretted the other one? What is the other one, anyway?

Edit- it is...

Sounds like you have a tramp stamp, and are tired of people making assumptions about you based on the tat. Isn't that why you get one- to make a statement? It must be, since you can't even see that one without a mirror- it's for others to see. It sounds like it is doing its job just fine- what's the problem???

What makes you think a sleeve will be any different, other than being harder to hide and a huge PITA to remove? Give it 10 years and it'll be every bit as cool as your stamp...probably even more so, since it's far less subtle. It may even get a clever name. Sleeze-sleeve, or slut-sleeve perhaps? Not so different a name than "tramp stamp".

Question for the heavily tattooed people: Do you have murals painted on your BMW? Why or why not?
Murals are tacky to some. but beautiful to others. Same as tattoos, you obviously have a severe hatred for them. So much I beleive an ex of yours was probably taken from you by a heavily tattooed man.
Bottom line if you don't like tattoos doesn't matter to me, still getting them and if I get bunched in with the criminals, oh well.