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Originally Posted by jasonX View Post
I'm relatively familiar with steroid/hormone levels, but from everything I've read and have been told, you should not touch the stuff prior to 30. I know this for fact for Tesosterone (Enanthate, Cyp etc) and would greatly reduce your bodies natural ability to produce these hormones.
True: At my age (or anyone under lets say 30), we are still producing more than enough testosterone to keep us going. When we provide our bodies with an excess amount of testosterone, your body (nuts) cut back because it says "oh shit, too much supply" so it cuts back production. Now when you are supplying more testosterone than needed, your body starts shutting down to a point where you are close to nothing. Now the issue with this is just like any other part of your body; if you don't use it, you lose it. If your body begins grabbing the mindset that it does not need to produce testosterone, it will constantly cut back.

So now you jumped off cycle and you are doing your PCT to get the boys back and keep your gains. I will bounce back relatively quickly. 6 weeks and my bloodwork comes back to normal including prolactin and cortisol levels. Now, although im back to normal, the short cycle allows my body to recover quicker and cause less damage to natural testosterone production because i can tell my body it needs to make. A big problem that causes damage is not starting pct a few days before end of cycle and not tapering off properly.....lets use orals for example; 4 weeks at 20mg. The last few days should go 20/16/12/8/4. Maybe 20/12/4 but you get the point. Its all dependent of the half life of the steroid aswell and that will determine how long to taper down for. On sustanon250 i was tapering off for almost 2.5 weeks. What tapering off does is allow a gradual decrease in "synthetic" testosterone to allow your body to begin providing "natural testosterone production".

so to answer to your question, yes you shouldn't do this before your 30's because you have enough testosterone kicking. Are you causing permanent damage? More than likely yes but if done properly, you can minimize the damage done.
my fucking head hurts.....i might have missed some stuff and probably didn't get to the point but im not going back to check

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